Monday, November 16, 2015

A Poem Reflecting on Social Bonding for Men's Wisdom Works

Recently, Group I of Men's Wisdom Work engaged in an activity in which all groups partake.  We partied.  It was our cigar and scotch smoker, held at a member's neighborhood outdoor party place.  Neither smoking nor drinking is expected at our social events

One of the founding members of MWW, Bill Petz penned the poem below to mark the occasion.  The event and poem really emphasize the importance of social engagement for older men.  Lack of male bonding and socializing often lead to isolation and depression as men age.  All MWW members realize the importance of social bonding within MWW and in other areas of our lives.  We know our bonding strengthens us.

I encourage you to read Bill's poem below:

Smoker Truth

Historic patriarchy nor
sarcasm’s sting nor
feelings buried or bare
can deny the smoker truth:

gentle men, courageously transparent,
amid gifts of food, drink, self
and holy smoke wafting spirits
high, glory days remembered,
strengthen links today, proving
Men's Wisdom Works.

Bill Petz
Men's Wisdom Works
Group I

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