Monday, November 21, 2016

I feel a deep sense of gratitude as I'm surrounded by good souls.  One hundred and twenty five good men belong to Men's Wisdom Works (MWW).  These men inspire me day after day.

It is though our male lens that MWW members listen to and care about each other.  We leave behind judgment or the attempt to salvage one another. One more thing.  MWW members socialize in force as well.  Our bonds remain strong and continue to grow.

I launched the first MWW group in 2009.  At our first meeting we were admonished to be “Fucking Authentic” by our 87 year old retired psychologist and resident curmudgeon, Albert.  Albert died in 2010, but his words remain burned into the mindset and behaviors of our now 13 MWW groups.  Personal discussions and authenticity guide us to this day.

I am deeply thankful every day.  I'm thankful for the memories and contributions of Albert and the five other MWW members who joined him in the peace of life eternal.  We miss Albert and the 5 other deceased MWW pioneers; Larry, Steve, Stephen, Jules and Murray.  All 6 men made MWW stronger and more meaningful for all of us.  

I am especially grateful for every one of our 125 members of Men’s Wisdom Works.  Without their dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to the men in their group my concept of men helping men would still be but a pipe dream.  Thanks, gentlemen.

Cindy, Drew, Andrea and Greg I’m most thankful for you.  Without my wife, 2 sons, and daughter-in-law, I’d be without inspiration, sound advice, and unconditional love.  Besides many other reasons I owe my profound thanks to my wife, Cindy, for her contributions to the lift off of MWW.  Cindy came up with the name, Men’s Wisdom Works.  Now, 125 men feel fulfilled by their groups and remain bound by our name/your name, Men’s Wisdom Works.  Thanks, baby doll.

Happy Thanksgiving.